Your Child. Our Future.

There is nothing more important a government could do than invest in our schools. That's why we've got a plan to do just that.

Posted by Australian Labor Party on Sunday, 31 January 2016

Will you support better schools?

Bill Shorten wants to make the biggest investment in our schools in two generations. Can you add your name and say you want a better future for our kids?

Talk about innovation is just that: talk. I honestly can't think of anything more important a government should do than invest in our kids
- Bill Shorten

Focus On Every Child’s Needs

It’s a simple idea – every single child in every single classroom having their learning needs met so they can meet their full potential.

Labor’s Your Child. Our Future plan for schools puts the needs of your child at the centre of our school system.

Every Australian child should have the same chance of succeeding at school as any other kid in the country – no matter their background, no matter where they live, and no matter what type of school they go to.

A Shorten Labor Government will deliver the most significant improvement in school education in Australia for a generation.

Labor will fully fund the Gonski reforms and reverse the Government’s $29 billion cuts to schools, ensuring that the schools and students that need the most support, get the most support.

There’s so much we can gain from making sure that student needs are actually met. Investing in our classrooms is investing in our children’s future.

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More Individual Attention

One-on-one attention can’t just be a goal in the classroom – it should be a given. More individual attention means students who start to slip are noticed sooner, students who are comfortably meeting benchmarks are challenged to learn more, and teachers can better track the progress of their entire class.

Labor’s positive plan for schools will mean every child receives more of the individual attention they need.

Parents will know more about how their child is doing at school, how their achievement is tracking, and what they can do to support learning at home.

With Labor’s Your Child. Our Future, teachers will be empowered to give more individual attention so they can truly understand the learning needs of every student.

In contrast, Malcolm Turnbull’s cuts are the equivalent of sacking one in seven teachers – leading to more pressure on class sizes and less one-on-one time with students

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Better Trained Teachers

Our teachers are the lifeblood of our education system – the success of our schools is literally in their hands. A great school system starts with great people.

If we want our school system to be among the best in the world, we need make sure we attract excellent candidates to the teaching profession and equip them with the skills to make a difference in the lives of students.

Labor’s positive plan for schools will provide more professional support for teachers in the classroom, including support from specialist and lead teachers.

The reforms will toughen entry standards and improve teacher education, to make sure that we have the right people from day one.

Your Child. Our Future will make sure that secondary teachers who teach maths, will have a qualification in maths. If they teach science, they will have a qualification in science.

Labor’s plan will better support our educators to play a transformative role in every student’s life.

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More Resources

Your Child. Our Future will mean more resources for schools, teachers and students.

It’s not about money – it’s about the difference more programs and extra support in the classroom can make.

Labor’s plan will mean every school can provide the support and programs their students need.

It will mean early intervention programs, including remedial literacy and numeracy programs, are in place in every school, so that no student is left behind.

Schools will have increased access to allied health professionals, like speech pathologists, as well as extension programs and extra-curricular activities.

Labor’s plan will increase Year 12 completion through more alternative and vocational pathways, so all students leave school with the skills they need to make the most of opportunities in the modern economy.

On the other hand, the Liberals’ cuts will leave every school in Australia an average of $3.2 million worse off. Under the Liberals, schools will be left with a vicious dilemma, which of the essential resources do they cut first?

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Support For Students With A Disability And Learning Difficulties

Every student deserves to reach their potential and flourish at school. And yet, students with additional learning requirements or a disability are still waiting for help.

Labor’s Your Child. Our Future plan will provide much needed funding for students with special learning needs, reversing this Liberal Government’s cuts.

It will include more one-on-one time with students including one-on-one literacy and numeracy programs and support, and more early intervention programs in every school so no student is left behind.

Labor will immediately deliver $320 million in funding for students with disability from the 2017 school year, so schools can meet individual student’s learning needs.

On top of our commitment to fully fund the Gonski reforms, Labor will work with the states and territories to fully implement a national disability loading once we have complete data about the levels of adjustment required.

We will make it mandatory for student teachers to develop high-level skills to support the inclusion of students with disability and will fast-track a national approach to adapting the curriculum for students with disability.

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Every School, Every Child

Labor wants the children of every Australian parent to have the same chance of succeeding at school, and in life, as any other kid in the country.

No matter what their background, no matter where they live - city, suburb or in the regions, no matter what type of school they go to – Government, Catholic or Independent, every child should be guaranteed a great education.

Labor’s plan will provide longer term-funding certainty so schools can get on with improving student results, and spend less time worrying about their budgets.

Transparency and accountability will be increased, so that parents can be confident that Federal funding is actually making it to classrooms, and making a difference.

On the other hand, Malcolm Turnbull’s cuts will hurt every student in every school – State, Catholic or Independent. No exemptions.

Ensuring every child in every school has access to a great education isn’t only fair for our children – it’s what our country needs to succeed.

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Find out about Bill Shorten’s plan to support innovation through education.

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